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The Physical Photograph

The physical photograph has become nearly obsolete. When was the last time you looked at a hard copy photo? If you are anything like us, then you most certainly take strictly digital photos and just store them on your computer. When you’re feeling nostalgic, you’ll open up your computer and scan through the digital prints. If you want to share the photos with your friends, you upload them to a photo-sharing site or email them around. The days of the physical photograph have sadly passed. Looking at a physical photograph though has its own very unique pleasure that a digital version can never fully capture and is definitely a practice worth reviving. See cool ways to organize your physical photographs (as well as all the other things that clutter your desk) on Joyus.

What’s next to threaten the existence of the traditional photo? First, it was the video camera, then it was the digital camera, now what? A Japanese electronics company named Sonaco recently unveiled what they call a “Soul Camera”, which is said to capture a subject’s inner beauty rather than outer beauty. The camera was invented to finally reverse the unfairness that physically unattractive people have suffered ever since the camera was first invented. Traditional photography has not been kind to unattractive, kind-hearted people. This camera, however, will turn it around for these people. A person who is unattractive, but kind-hearted, will now be depicted as beautiful, whereas a beautiful, but mean person will be depicted as unattractive. It is not clear how the camera actually works and truth be told, we are a little skeptical about whether it even truly does work. That being said though, we certainly appreciate what Sonaco is trying to achieve with this camera - rewarding good people - and that is something we definitely support. 

Photo taken from Polaroid


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