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Talent Behind and in Front of the Camera

Two years ago the Nate Berkus Show launched and I was fortunate enough to do quite a few Entertaining Segments on the show.  National television is a funny experience.  You are escorted in to the studio by a PA (production assistant) to your dressing room.  Your name is on the door on a slip of paper - because in television you are easily replaced by the next “guest.”  But, I will admit it never gets old. 

You walk in to the dressing room - fresh flowers, bright lights for hair and makeup, and yes a Kraft Services bar with great cookies! 

I guess on this day there weren’t any “celebrities” so I got the largest dressing room.  I was used to the small dressing rooms, so I “knew” I was coming up in the world! 

It was great to work with Nate…

But, you know what, I was even more fortunate to meet his Design Director - Nathanael Nelson - who is an amazing stylist, designer, and now a producer here at Joyus. His career led him to the Oprah Show and then to the Nate Berkus Show. 

Here he is showing Nate how to frame your photos in a variety of ways….

He would be the first person on stage with me to make sure everything looked perfect, so when you watch our Joyus videos now you will see his creative eye at work with mine.  We want to show you how beautiful life can be, in an affordable and doable way. Let us know what you would like to see on our Joyus Facebook page

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