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Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Recently I realized that I have been working so hard for so long that I keep saying I want to do this, I want to do that.  Well, finally I am doing it!  I have decided to jump into another creative outlet - acrylic painting. 

I walked into class and let the instructor that I was terrified because I had never painted before.  She reassured me that this class is just about learning technique.  I remembered my first television segment - I felt like a fish out of water.  I used that experience and dove into the class. 

I loved the feel of the room - like famous painters had been there making a mess and creating their masterpieces.  Here is my easel…

Doesn’t it look like I’m a master already and there isn’t even anything on my canvas.  Why do I share this with you?  Well, I have learned that life is much more than our work and although I love my creative outlet here at Joyus - I’ve learned that stretching my creativity only makes me a better designer.  I am learning to see the world from another angle, and I hope you start to see that in the items I am curating here for you. 

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