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How To Get Gorgeous Hair

Top models, celebrities and actresses always seems to have beautiful, shiny, healthy looking hair. How does this happen? Well, the answer isn’t an easy one. For one,  women seen on TV and in magazine/movies have their stylist on speed dial to help keep their locks looking fresh and beautiful. Even if you and I had a stylist at our finger tips to make our hair look great on the reg., let’s face it - we don’t have the time to be getting our hair perfectly coiffed everyday or every month for that matter. I asked some of my friends in the modeling & acting world how they maintain their hair on their own. That is, how do they really keep up on their hair when the stylist isn’t around? Answer: VIVISCAL!!! This miracle product makes your hair  stronger, softer and shinier. Plus, your hair will grow way, wayyy faster. I have to say, after taking this product for a couple of months now - I have to agree! It’s amazing. I had to share this hollywood secret amongst the stars…Check it out on joyus.com for more info. :) By: Mikaela South

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