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Bringing a Bit of My Italian Adventure Home

My first vacation in a long time was to Italy and Eastern Europe.  It was a dream trip, and I am currently thinking about planning a trip back to spend even more time there.  The simplicity of the food, fabulous wine, architecture, beauty in the craftsmanship of their artisan pieces - did I mention the gelato? 

The view from the house in Tuscany that we stayed at…AMAZING!

As you may know, we work really hard to curate amazing things at Joyus and when I met Raulf who sells Olivewood in the back of his van - it reminded me so much of my Tuscan dinners - not the van part.  You should check the Olivewood pieces out, each one is unique and he works with the craftsman in Italy to create them. 

I am working on a party, Under the Tuscan Sun, wait until you see what I’m up too.  Lets just say that Lemoncello is involved.  I hope you’ll join me!

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