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Wednesday Exclusive: Eco-Friendly Discoveries

We’ve recently discovered Blissmo - a subscription service for organic goods. We’re loving that you get to choose your box each month from home, beauty or food! The products are awesome, and you can feel good about yourself while using them.

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Colored Jeans - A Celeb Fav

Colored jeans have been a celeb favorite since the summer. Celebrities ranging from Whitney Port to Kim Kardashian to Cameron Diaz have jumped onto the colored jean bandwagon for a while now. While the trend blossomed in the summer time with colors such as peach, cobalt blue, and other bright hues, winter interpretations of the colored jean trend are in more jewel-toned hues such as deep green, plum, dark maroon, etc. Throw on a white tshirt (or cream sweater) and blazer with the jeans and you are good to go. This trend is definitely here to stay. Reinterpretations will abound to adapt it to the current season, but we don’t think this trend is going away any time soon. Be sure to check out Joyus for the latest colored jeans! 

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Let’s Bring Origami Back

With the advent of all sorts of interesting paper floral arrangements (check out Joyus for some beautiful pieces from Paper Botanicals), we started to think back to our childhood hobby of origami. I remember sitting for hours and creating the most intricate designs out of paper. Pass this fun past-time onto your children, or bring it back into your own life. It is a very soothing activity and it is always nice to create something out of just a piece of paper. Check out the Origami Club for all sorts of fun and creative origami ideas!

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