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In with the New

Fall is a great time for new beginnings. Whether that mean a new haircut, a wardrobe overhaul, or even an idea that could change the world. Here in San Francisco, we’re surrounded by innovation. Sure, there are a lot of social apps and addicting games, but there are also some really smart people solving real problems, and we love to see so many people putting their time and energy towards making the world a little bit better. So, we’re taking a moment to shine the spotlight on two companies that are making big moves. 

Problems come in all shapes and sizes; some are small everyday problems, like figuring out what to do when you can’t be home to sign for a delivery. Doorman is changing that. If you can’t be home during the day, you can ship your package to their address for a small fee, and they’ll deliver it to you at home after work hours. That’s pretty cool; as frequent online shoppers, we can definitely see ourselves using the service. If you solve a small problem and do it well, that’s not a small thing. 

And then there are companies that take on huge problems, like the guys behind new nail polish brand Undercover Colors. When the founders realized that they all knew someone personally who had been the victim of sexual assault, they wanted to do something about it. So they created a line of nail polish shades that change color when exposed to date rape drugs. All a woman has to do is dip her finger in her drink to see if it’s been contaminated. They haven’t launched yet, but they recently received funding to complete the project.  A beauty product that could save your life? Now that’s definitely something we could get behind. You can learn more here. 

So whether you’re going back to school, starting a new job, or debating quitting your 9 to 5 to work on a passion project, there’s no better time to try something new––we can’t wait to see what you’ll do next. 

Your Guide to Summer-to-Fall Shopping: Pieces You Can Wear Now and Later

Here’s the dilemma: tons of retailers are currently on sale, shuffling the last of the summer styles out the door at great prices––but the days of getting away with sporting shorts and a bikini to the local pool are running out fast. 

On the other hand, fall styles are already in stock, but with temperatures still hovering in the 80 degree range, cute cold weather clothes like moto jackets, leather, sweaters, and leggings are difficult, if not impossible, to wear now. So what’s a girl to shop for? 

As fun as it it to totally swap out your wardrobe for a new season, there are actually a few key pieces that work, not just all year round, but during this especially tricky transition. 

To help you navigate the sea of odd match ups (crop tops and parkas anyone?) and avoid making a purchase you regret three weeks down the road (or stash in your closet until the time is right, then forget about it and find it months later, tags still attached) we put together a handy guide to summer to fall shopping. These pieces are our picks to wear now, and wear forever. And guess what? Some of them might surprise you. 

The Leather Skirt:

Shop the look: Leather Midi Skirt, Crochet Tote, Love Sandals, Treisi Ring, Turquoise Bib Necklace, May Tweed Jacket, Leather Pencil Skirt, Layered Necklace, Lizard Embossed Clutch

The Jumpsuit:

Shop the look: Jumpsuit, Lizard Embossed Clutch, Beaded Wrap Bracelet, Olive Moto Jacket, Cutout Cuff

The Silk Blouse:

Shop the look: Moto Blouse, Vintage Necklace, Reversible Tote, Cargo Skinnies, Gold Ballet Flats, Geode Print Blouse, Leather Espadrilles, White Jeans, Lizard Embossed Tote, Jigsaw Buckle Cuff

The Moto Jacket:

Shop the look: Moto Jacket (coming soon), Wedges, Lace Dress, Leather Leggings, Avant Garde Necklaces

The Wrap Dress:

Shop the look: Black Wrap Dress, Grey Moto, Wrap Bracelet, Blue Wrap Dress, Earrings

The (Un)Official Outside Lands 2014 Recap


Whether you’re an avid festival-goer or prefer to do most of your music-listening from the comfort of home, you’re probably already aware that San Francisco played host to the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival last weekend. 

Once a low-key rock & roll fest, Outside Lands has morphed into a three-day music, food, and arts extravaganza and earned itself the nickname “the Coachella of Northern California,” so it’s no surprise that it’s not just about the music anymore. 

In the days following the festival, the internet has been abuzz with recaps, photos, and viral videos, and its enough to make even the most apathetic music fan feel like they might have missed something.

If you’re bummed that you didn’t make it out, it can be fun to live vicariously by browsing through photos of celebrity sightings, outrageously-dressed ravers, and secret VIP areas you never knew existed, but similar to clicking through friend’s vacation photos and memorable moments on Facebook, it’s a highlight reel that doesn’t always give you an accurate portrayal of what the weekend was really like. (You may have missed out on a few great shows, but you also ‘missed out’ on waiting in line for 45 minutes to use a port-a-potty that may or may not have had hand sanitizer.)

In celebration of the good, the great, and the slightly painful moments of the weekend, plus everything in between, here it is: our favorite highs, lows, and wait, what? moments of the seventh annual OSL. 

Goofiest Mascot: Ranger Dave. That mustache…


Most Unusual Musical Equipment: Chromeo. Are those legs?


Best Use Of The Small Stage: Boys Noize. When an artist who could play the main stage requests the small stage in the middle of a bottle neck,  chaos ensues. 


Best Synchronized Dance Move: Capital Cities, who got the entire audience to take of their shirts, jackets, or sweaters, and spin them around their heads.  


Weirdest Stage Show: The Flaming Lips


Best Lipstick: Haim


Best Comedy Show: The Cast of Silicon Valley


Best Freebie: From the Renwood booth at Winelands. Free earbuds at a music festival? Well done. 


Best Trick To Staying Warm: Two pairs of pants, especially leggings under faux leather pants. Warm enough to make you sweat under less severe weather conditions, but perfect for the chilly, foggy nights. And the best part? Totally undetectable, so you don’t have to base your entire outfit around last season’s ski coat. Alternatively, a fur coat. Glamorous, cozy, and on trend? Check. 



Biggest Wardrobe Mistake: Dressing like it’s Coachella. Kudos to all who are brave enough to try it, but that does not look comfortable… 


Best Exit Strategy: Bikes, or cutting out twenty minutes early to beat surge pricing. 


Biggest Waste of Money: A tie between fake tickets, $9 beers, and the Uber home at 5x surge. 


Shortest Bathroom Line: The “secret” bathrooms by the entrance that are always empty. 


Worst Line: The Heineken Dome. Is the beer free? No? It’s just a DJ and another booth where you can wait in line to pay for beer? So what gives? Some of the people in this line are sitting on the ground in sleeping bags. Sleeping bags! 


Longest Line That’s Worth The Wait: Homeroom’s garlic mac & cheese booth. The name says it all: this is childhood comfort food at it’s finest, but with a gourmet twist. It’s cheesy, carb-loaded, and totally indulgent, but with all the miles walked trekking back and forth across the festival grounds, there’s no question that it’s well deserved. 


Best Food Truck: Del Popolo. The Del Popolo truck is one of the few food options that’s actually easier to get at the festival than it is on a regular day in the city. The line is long, but they don’t run out early like they do on weekdays, and considering you’ll have to wait in line for everything at OSL, the trade off is actually pretty great. 



Most Decadent Food Item: The donut cheeseburger. Why does this even exist? 


Best Low Key Hangout: Wine Lands. It’s warm inside the tent, and they serve you wine in actually (plastic) wine glasses. Enough said. 


Best New Addition: Cheese Lands. Inevitable, but still just as sweet. 


What do you think of when you think of summer? Is it ice cream trucks? The smell of chlorine? Sunscreen and aloe? Or sand between your toes, flip flop tans, learning to ride your first bike, the sound of crashing waves, or spending a month abroad to learn a new language? 

Wherever you are, and whatever it is that reminds you of our favorite season in the year, we can probably all agree on one thing: where did the time go? It feels like we blinked, and suddenly, August is here. 

So if, like us, you plan on making this last month of sunny weather and long weekends count, what could be better than a summer music playlist to get you in the right state of mind? 

From old favorites to newly-released singles, indie treasures to radio hits, we’ve got you covered for road trips, beach days, summer flings, and everything in between. 

Trying to skip ahead to a song you know? Here’s the full track list:

1. Wake Me Up - Acoustic: Aloe Blacc

2. Operate: ASTR

3. This Is What It Feels Like: Banks

4. Myth: Beach House

5. Fever: The Black Keys

6. Lights Out, Words Gone: Bombay Bicycle Club

7. Luna: Bombay Bicycle Club

8. Summer: Calvin Harris

9. Under Control: Calvin Harris

10: Safe and Sound: Capital Cities

11: Doses & Mimosas: Cherub

12: We Sink: CHVRCHES

13. You & Me - Flume Remix: Disclosure

14. Latch: Disclosure

15. Man on Fire: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes

16. Alive: Empire of the Sun

17. Hero: Family of the Year

18. Verona: Geographer

19. Sweetness Alive: Goldroom

20. Lost in My Mind: The Head and the Heart

21. Okay: Holy Ghost!

22. Do It Again: Holy Ghost!

23. Simple As This: Jake Bugg

24. Last Chance: Kaskade

25. Young and Beautiful: Lana Del Rey

26. Dance Yrself Clean: LCD Soundsystem

27. Time To Run: Lord Huron

28. Team: Lorde

29. White Teeth Teens: Lorde

30. Stubborn Love: The Lumineers

31. I Follow Rivers: Lykke Li

32. No Rest For the Wicked: Lykke Li

33. We Own the Sky: M83

34. Punching in a Dream: The Naked and Famous

35. Young Blood: The Naked and Famous

36. Sweater Weather: The Neighborhood

37. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea: Neutral Milk Hotel

38. Don’t Move: Phantogram

39. Harvest Moon: Poolside

40. New Slang: The Shins

41. Shelter Song: Temples

42. Habits (Stay High): Tove Lo

43. Awake: Tycho

44. Riptide: Vance Joy

45. Feel It All Around: Washed Out

46. Civilian: Wye Oak

47. Girl: Jamie xx

48. Wake Up: Arcade Fire

Sneak Peek: Summer’s Fierce, Fresh Beauty Trend: Coral Lips, Animal Style

There’s one thing that’s been on everyone’s lips this summer, from Hollywood royalty to Nashville country music darlings and NYC runway ‘it’ girls––and no, it’s not a juicy rumor. It’s summer’s hottest beauty trend: coral lipstick.

The peachy-pink hue is bold, yet classic––trendsetters and timeless style icons alike have been spotted in the shade It’s daring and eye catching, but because it’s also universally flattering, there’s no risk involved. 

And as luck would have it, one of our all-time favorite brands, Lipstick Queen, just released their take on this chic shade. With a semi-sheer, moisturizing formula designed to pair perfectly with animal print, Jungle Queen is our favorite new way to get in touch with your wild side. 

You can get a sneak peek here. Or, if you need some inspiration, check out our take on fierce, fun, animal-inspired style. 

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