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5 Budget Products to Get Healthy, Shiny Hair

There are tons of hair products out there aimed at enhancing what you’re working with. Though, figuring out where to start can be stressful enough to stick with your old habits. Luckily for you, the dirty work is done. These five products will give you glamorous tresses without breaking the bank. You’re very welcome.

1. Form Fatale

You can completely forget about pricey blow out bars. The Form Fatale is the easiest way to achieve a bombshell blow out at home. This blow dry gel is formulated specifically for creating light voluminous locks that won’t fall flat the second you step outside.

Buy Now: $28, 20% off of $35

2. Beachwaver S1.25 Curling Iron

The Beachwaver S1.25 Curling Iron is the secret weapon of celebrity hairstylists for creating sexy beach waves. A just-from-the-beach look is super easy with this innovative wand that works with the touch of a button. Malibu Barbie would totally approve.

Buy Now: $99, 23% off of $129

3. Rejuvenating Oil

Serums aren’t just for your face. If your locks could use some serious hydration, Rejuvenating Oil is for you. It’s a special blend of plant, nut and flower oils developed to refresh damaged and brittle hair without weighing it down. Revive your hair and smell like a field of wildflowers too.

Buy Now: $28.5, 5% off of $30 

4. Follicle Forever Serum

The Follicle Forever Serum is the earth angel of hair growth. This serum will spark follicle stem cells to increase hair growth and prevent hair loss. This product works magic for those looking for thicker and more voluminous hair (everybody, right?).

Buy Now: $72, 15% off of $72

5. Carb Cocktail Bionic Tonic

Cheers to the Carb Cocktail Bionic Tonic! This revolutionary daily hair supplement works to treat fine, damaged and dry tresses with just a few drops post-conditioning. Color-treated hair deserves a sip of this stiff cocktail, especially.

Buy Now: $22, 8% off of $24